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Industrial connector application direction of electric automobile

Although it seems electric cars still have insufficient power, security is not high, the charging is not convenient and so on malpractice, but in general electric car has become the new point of growth of the industry, has become the new trend of development has be unstoppable. This tendency for our connector industry is necessarily a rare opportunity. According to experts, the future each car will use the 600-1000 electronic connector, far greater than the number of used today. On the other hand, in the electric car era, the use of large capacity lithium battery electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle design diversification choice at a common point, and thus the need for automotive electronics architecture comprehensive improvement, be the first to bear the brunt of connector.

This growth rate showed, electric cars, home and road charging station, and a charging cable and other related new products manufacturers, is facing a huge market opportunity. Electric vehicle development trend accompanied by the automotive fuel changes, when the traditional automobile dependence on fossil fuels, avant-garde electric cars will be and the more efficient power transmission infrastructure–smart grid ( Smart Grid ) connection. In a growing number of electric vehicles and related equipment was launched during, in order to meet the growing needs of the market, more and more software and hardware used spare parts also emerge as the times require, however related supply chain industry in addition to the pursuit of faster development speed, if you want to in this emerging market foothold, priority shall be consumers for electric vehicles and related application components for safety with confidence.

The electric connector means includes plug and socket combination, as well as the connector and connector assembly, its main function is the power from the external power supply is transmitted to the car, and the device will contain a as a power, ground, communication and navigation control is connected with the plastic shell contact parts. Only the tube current SAE J1772 ?has been designated as the United States standard device, but has a different structure of the other device can be allowed. In addition, using the connector shell material for polymer insulating material, and must have a specific scale of burning, electric and heat resistance.

In order to ensure the driver and repair technicians in high voltage environment safety, we must take into account the electrical system of a complex array of factors, in order to ensure the reliability and the best of. Connection system is the key components of high voltage electrical connection lines, especially in high power line connection line design. From a security perspective, a high voltage connection system design should pay attention to two aspects, namely, high voltage interlock circuit ( HVIL ) and a connector ( environmental seal for use in a vehicle to avoid high voltage terminal short circuit ).

Because the line is not sealed may cause such as short circuit failure mode, so the high voltage line sealing crucial. As we all know, water and electricity is not compatible. The use of wire annular seal and the connector peripheral seal, can let the connector realizes the true seals, ensure the moisture can not enter, do not lead to overheating or sparks appeared. Compared with the traditional 12V system, high voltage system needs a more robust seal, because of the higher voltage sparkover, the bigger the probability.

High voltage interlock circuit ( HVIL ) is a high power connection system is one of the major characteristics, it is essential to avoid power electronic equipment used in the connector charged disconnect fire jumping is very necessary. To ensure that the connection system in electricity does not disconnect must have special considerations. The connector is disconnected, the high voltage interlock circuit sends a signal to cut off the power supply in time. This property in the event of an accident or repair personnel need to disconnect the power supply vehicle repair when it is necessary, for the protection of passengers, repair personnel or accident first responders providing help.

In conclusion, the development of electric vehicles, industrial connector industry it is a rare opportunity, jdllh will try to catch the wave of new development opportunity!

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