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QC/Technical Support

We put quality control as our developing fundamental. We have the world's most advanced testing equipment and level technical personnel. Our experienced and well-trained QC members are taking in charge of every production procedure quality. 

Main test equipment:

Second element: 6

Projector 6

Auto insertion force machine

Salt spray tester

Insulation tester

Digital micrometer

Eight-zone reflow

Constant temperature and humidity testing machine

Digital small DIP

Oxford CMI900 thickness tester

Tianrui EDX1800 RoHS tester 

QC Staff

30 to 39 


Our materials and components are mainly sourced from China mainland, HK and Taiwan. They are all compliant with the RoHS Directive. 


Procedures/testing Details

From raw-materials purchasing to in-process production, packing and before delivery checking, we do very strictly in-house inspection. This ensures our high quality products to meet our customers' requirements. 

Other Information

We put each test in record. This ensures our QC department to check the test record if there is a quality problem easily and find the best solution quickly

  • Precision equipment
  • Professional team
  • Volume production
  • Personalized customization
  • Quality assurance
  • Prompt delivery

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